Mission: Empowering People with Special Needs!
Mission: Empowering People with Special Needs!  

Developmental Disabilities Administration


DDA Services: How to Apply (and Why)


Applying for services from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) is a multi-step process. Learn how to get started, what to ask for, and why it’s important to apply.


Go Here: https://informingfamilies.org/dda-how-to-apply/

From the Washington State Department of Health

The Palliative Care Road Map

A guide for living with serious illness and conditions for patients and those who care for them.


Created to help people who have a serious illness or health condition, and the people they love, to find a way through the experience with less confusion and more awareness of the supports available.


Serious conditions often cause difficult symptoms, challenging treatments, and caregiver stress. Fragmented care and frequent transitions between care settings, unmet needs, and increased responsibilities put stress and burden on patients, family members, and other caregivers.


Download a PDF here.


Dementia Road Map for Caregivers


Caring for a person with memory loss or dementia is a journey, one that can last for many years, and is flled with twists and turns.


The journey is not a straight path through stages—each person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia may progress diferently and in their own time. Family members who are companions on this journey will need information, support and guidance along the way.


This document is designed to be provide a "Road Map". It provides a look at the big picture and the road ahead—and ofers direction and tips about what to expect, what decisions lie ahead, and what steps to take.


Download the PDF here.


Earthquake Preparedness Guide for People with Disabilities
An earthquake preparednes guide specially adapted for people with disabilities and others with access and functional needs, as well as for their caregivers.
Adobe Acrobat document [658.6 KB]


The latest edition of Clallam County HHS Newsletter "Clallam Connection" is now available through our Partners page.


Visit our Volunteer page for current opportunities.


Documents that are useful to individuals working with people with developmental disabilities can be found here.


Recipes that we've tried in Clallam Mosaic classes are now available to download.  Also, you will find both kid-friendly and special diet recipes that have been tested by various members of our community.  

You can find these recipes by clicking here.

The Arc of King County


The Arc of King County was formed in 1936 when a group of parents raising children with intellectual and developmental disabilities came together to advocate for their children’s rights to live, learn, work and play in the community. From these grassroots origins, the first parents of The Arc fought for their children’s rights to access housing, education, employment, and community resources such as transportation.

The Arc of Washington State


Since 1936, The Arc of Washington State has been a leader in the development of services and programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities of all ages and providing support to their families.

The Arc of the United States


Promoting and protecting the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and actively supporting their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

From Around the Web

From the National Institute of Nuerological Disorders and Strokes

Autism: a well-written webpage with basic information and additional online resources.

"Autism Spectrum Disorder Fact Sheet"

From Child Mind Institute

A well-written article loaded with ideas from parents who have found creative and fun ways to solve everyday challenges.

"Parenting Hacks for Special Needs Kids"

Cerebral Palsy Group

A well-written online resource for anyone affected by cerebral palsy, birth injuries or brain injuries. Learn about cerebral palsy, cuses, symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and more.


Autism and Dental Care

A guide for finding and working with a dentist.

Created by Dentably, Emergency Dentists USA, located in Nebraska.


Financial Planning for a Child with Special Needs: A Guide

A well-written blog post full of resources to help families with the additional costs of raising a child with special needs.


Planning resources for individuals with I/DD

My Life Plan Guide

Star Form

Guides for families of individuals with I/DD

Family Community Connections

Adult Sibling Toolkit

Tools for Child to Adult Health Care Transition

Got Transition

From University of Nevada

ADD/ADHD Resources

 From University of Washington

University of Washington Autism Center

A PDF from www.disastersrus.org

Disaster Preparedness for People with Disabilities

From autism.sesamestreet.org

Sesame Street Autism Resources for Parents

From www.stateofthestates.org

Resource for comparing states with 2015 data

State of the States Chart Creator

From www.justgreatlawyers.com

"Estate Planning for Parents of Children with Autism"

From New York Times

July 2014

"When the Caregivers Need Healing"

From Science News

February 27, 2014

"Study uncovers why autism is more common in males"

From the University of Colorado

Coleman Institute of Cognitive Disabilities

February 27, 2013

"State of the States" webinar slides

From Seattle Times Editorial

February 9, 2014

"End waiting list for people with developmental disabilities"


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