Clallam Mosaic Policies

Clallam Mosaic strives to provide opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to access educational resources to:



with the

continous opportunity

to learn and

keep improving




to make

choices independently
in all areas

of life

Lead a

Full Life

with community  opportunities to minimize social isolation.

Clallam Mosaic values people with developmental disabilities and respects them as individuals with rights, dreams, and the ability to make decisions independently.

Clallam Mosaic will practice People First Language.

Clallam Mosaic will practice “Support” rather than “Do it for you” approaches and will support particpants
in solving their own conflictss.


As part of the program Clallam Mosaic has policies and procedures in place so that everyone will be safe and operate within the constraints of insurance coverage.

Participant Code of Conduct

For the health, safety and enjoyment of all Clallam Mosaic participants, the following rules are to be followed:

1. Have Fun.
2. Respect each other
3. Listen while people are talking.
4. No interrupting.
5. Raise your hand when you want to speak.
6. Honor each other's boundaries and no touching.
7. No yelling or hitting.
8. Be responsible for your own belongings.
9. Don't hurt people's feelings.
10. Don't come to group if you are sick or unable to participate.
11. Tell the instructor before you leave the classroom.
12. Every quarter, have all required forms completed and in the office before the second week of term.

If your behavior poses a risk to the health, safety and/or enjoyment of those in the classroom, you will be asked to leave the room and your emergency contact will be notified.

If you are unable to return to class, your participation with Clallam Mosaic programs may be evaluated. Clallam Mosaic wants you to be successful in our programs and we may need to look at whether your participation is beneficial to you and your fellow participants.

Most classes are for adults 18 years and older.

Mosaic can only be responsible for participants during Mosaic programs.

No alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons are allowed.

Participants must have rides to and from classes.

Clallam Mosaic will not provide transportation unless listed as part of a program, such as:
• a field trip. Participants must have their own ride home. Clallam Mosaic staff are not permitted to give rides to or from class/activities
• unless pre-arranged and approved. If a participant does not have a
• ride home then program staff will call their residence for assistance.
If a participant needs assistance with feeding or toileting, Clallam Mosaic staff will not be able to assist. Care providers should accompany participants if these needs exist and are welcome free for activities. We are unable to provide direct care.


Participants who violate house rules or who are disruptive to the fun and safety of an event may be given a warning; asked to leave; or suspended. This determination is made by the Staff in consultation with the Executive Director or an Executive Board Member.

Staff must contact the Executive Director or an Executive Board Member with a description of the incident. Consequences will be determined if necessary. If a participant is suspended it must be put into an incident report with the length of suspension time designated. Mosaic staff will contact participant’s family/guardian/residence service.

Once participants arrive at a class/activity they should remain at the class until pickup. Clallam Mosaic will not be responsible for anyone leaving prior to class ending.

Care providers are responsible for all care of their clients.

Clallam Mosaic staff may only assist if asked and if it is appropriate.

All participants must have an emergency contact and registration information form on file at the Clallam Mosaic office. This form must be updated as information changes and/or at the beginning of the quarter.

If a participant becomes ill during class, Clallam Mosaic will call the residence/emergency contact for an early pick up.

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