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Clallam Mosaic is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization registered in the state of Washington.  The organization was launched by 4 families who had children with developmental disabilities (DD) in order to fill a void for people with DD post-transition from the secondary education system. Launched in October 1998 with the name Special Needs Advocacy Parents (SNAP), the organization changed names to Clallam Mosaic in March, 2012. The initial goal of Clallam Mosaic/SNAP was to offer parent support but by 1999, the weekly "Rec Club" class was launched. From 1999 to the present, Clallam Mosaic/SNAP has delivered an increasing number of programs for life-long education, leisure and recreation (currently 12-18 hours per week of classes over 32 weeks + summers and holiday classes). In Clallam County, individuals with DD have few options to continue to learn and grow after they advance beyond the supports offered by the secondary school system. Clallam Mosaic therefore delivers a much-needed service by providing an array of programs to both individuals with DD and their families/caregivers. The recent launch of the Parent/Caregiver Network serves to illustrate how Clallam Mosaic continues to evolve to meet the needs of families dealing with DD.

Clallam Mosaic has served participants ranging in age from the teens to the 80's. Our participants continue to educate us about what unique challenges they have learning, working and growing in our community.  The 3 core areas of programming focus remain:

  1. Healthy Living,
  2. Life Long Learning, &
  3. Arts/Culture.

However, we develop our programs, classes and other offerings based on the needs of our participants.


After many productive years at the Sequim Community School, generously donated by the Sequim School District, we were inspired to expand our classroom space when our former room became unavailable for our use.   This change gave us the opportunity to provide programming in multiple locations.  Clallam Mosaic's office and the majority of Port Angeles classroom space are located at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  Monthly dances and performance classes take place at Olympic Vineyard Christian Fellowship's Gathering Hall.  Sequim classes also take place at two locations - at Olympic Theater Arts & at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church).  In late March we will again be on the moving, shifting the majority of our Sequim programming from the Mormon Church to the Dungeness Valley Lutheran Church.  All of our activities are possible due to the generous donation of space or the charge of minimal rent for space, so we give a heartfealt thank you to all of the groups that have enabled us to continue to operate and flourish!


Clallam Mosaic continues to look for larger space in Sequim.  If you are aware of any options we should consider, please contact us.


The Future

Our commitment to continued delivery of 12-18 hours/week of programming quarterly will help to bring participants to a vibrant community and drive engagement. An increased focus on health issues such as obesity, diabetes and dental hygiene will help to educate participants about issues most concerning to them. In addition, as the internet and other technologies become increasingly utilized by individuals with disabilities, instruction will focus on basics and the potential dangers implicit in using these emerging tools. By providing access to appropriately vetted technology tools both in class and outside, it will be possible to: 1) enhance the educational experience, 2) deliver valuable entertainment and 3) reinforce problem solving capabilities. Finally, a reinvestment in families and caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities will help to build the support networks that ensure the best management of participant lives in Clallam Mosaic programming as well as out in the community

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301 Lopez Ave, Rm #4

Port Angeles, WA 98362

Parent to Parent

Coffee & Conversations

10 am - noon

Jun 7, 2018

Youth Room @ HTLC

301 Lopez Ave, PA

Mom's (Dad's) Night Out

5 pm

June 22, 2018

Mariner Cafe

609 W Washington St



For news & information check out the P2P section of our webpage.

Mosaic is a United Way Agency
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